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CREAGAZ supports you in the realization of your biogas projects.

Our experience allows us to offer you very high-quality services with the support of an available and attentive team.

Whatever the type of project and its recovery solution (cogeneration, injection, heat recovery):

  • Autonomous agricultural biogas unit

  • Territorial agricultural biogas unit

  • Industrial biogas unit

We are involved in the different phases of the project:

  • Search for the most suitable land
  • Sketch
  • Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Filing and submission of the building permit file
  • Filing and submission of the ICPE file (headings 2781-1 and -2, 4310, 2171)
  • Filing and management of tender documents
  • Assistance in awarding works contracts
  • Management of the execution of the works contract(s)
  • Assistance during reception operations

Aware of the importance and the duration of your investment, we bring to our mission the same seriousness as if it were our project. For this we find the most relevant, safest, most environmentally friendly and least expensive road and building arrangement.
The technical choices proposed take into account the problem of nuisances in the neighborhood for better local acceptance of your project.

For the choice of your equipment, our process experts guide you in selecting the most robust and efficient equipment and alert you to the problematic equipment encountered with certain suppliers.

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